Logo 3D!

About Logo 3D! for iPad

Take the power of the Logo drawing language into the 3rd dimension and unleash your imagination with Logo 3D! There is no limit to the infinite variety of stunning 3D images that you can produce, and once you've seen your creations rotate into life, you'll be hooked...!

Logo 3D! was created because we remember the joy of Logo from our school years, and the lessons learned propelled us into successful careers in software development. If you share these memories, have a passion for logic puzzles, or are looking for a rewarding introduction to the world of computer programming, you are going to LOVE creating stunning and colorful 3D images with Logo 3D!

Logo 3D! for iPad was developed and produced by Noel Evans and Dan Mellinger, and is available for purchase on the AppStore (UK store).

We'd love to hear from anyone that has feedback, questions or suggestions. We have a Product Roadmap but we welcome additional ideas. Please feel free to contact us at logo3d4ipad@gmail.com

Click here for Advanced usage notes, otherwise please enjoy the Screen Captures and Movies below.

Screen Captures

Click on an image below to see it full-size:

Logo 3D! screenshot Logo 3D! screenshot Logo 3D! screenshot Logo 3D! screenshot Logo 3D! screenshot Logo 3D! screenshot

For more inspiration, take a look at the Gallery of images created using Logo 3D! for iPad.


Just the one for now - a demonstration of the display capabilities of Logo 3D! (in version 1.1, version 2.0 to follow soon):

Product Roadmap

The following features have been identified for inclusion in forthcoming Logo 3D! releases:

Please email any additional feature requests to logo3d4ipad@gmail.com with the subject 'Logo 3D! feature'.